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Injuries to Children Blog Post

When Drugs for Children Such as Children’s Motrin Turn Lethal

The last thing that a parent thinks about when a child develops a fever is that the medication administered to comfort the child and reduce the fever can cause harm. Unfortunately, the extremely popular Children’s Motrin may be linked to such serious side effects as rapid loss of vision and to the development of the potentially deadly Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS).

SJS is a rare inflammatory disorder of the skin that is known to result in debilitating lesions in the mouth, eyes, internal organs, mucous membranes, and on the skin. SJS can occur at any age and is extremely harmful when it develops in children. It is marked by a sloughing off of skin. In SJS the condition may rapidly progress from a widespread rash to blisters and lesions that look like second-degree burns.

While non-prescription Motrin and Children’s Motrin now warn of SJS as a possible side effect, many children may have taken the product in the past and may develop the disease. Lawsuits alleging inadequate warnings are being mounted against the large drug manufacturers of these dangerous drugs and others like them. The FDA is being urged to develop a system to track adverse drug reactions including SJS. Other drugs such as Zithromax may also not have adequate warnings of the potential to develop SJS.

If you know someone who develops SJS do not hesitate to seek out an evaluation of your case by our products liability law firm. We can fight to obtain the fair compensation you deserve.

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